This is your time to shine! I want to make sure you get everything you want out of your photo shoot. During your personal consultation we will break down how you want to be photographed and maybe even who you want to be photographed with. We will look at styling, makeup charts and wardrobe options.

We will take a deep dive in wardrobe options and look through what you already have, what you might wish to buy and what you’d like to use from our studio wardrobe. We will try some outfits on and make sure we find the perfect fit that makes you feel like you're the best you. I will guide you through the choices and make sure that together they create a nice folio of images you will love.


Have you ever had your hair and makeup done by a professional? It's a glamorous and luxurious experience that leaves you feeling pampered and radiant. During your consultation we will discuss the look you’re after to make sure you look absolutely beautiful on the day of your photoshoot.

You will start off with hair and makeup, a moment to sit back and relax while being pampered. Once you've reached your decidered level of glam we will move over to the shooting space and change into your first outfit for the day. The photoshoot normally lasts three hours with four to five outfit changes to maximise your beautiful gallery of images.

Don't worry about posing or modelling experience. we will pose you down to the last fingertip to make you look your very best. We agree that beauty stems from the inside but something happens when you are posed just right and you feel the wind from the fan in your hair. your confidence grows and your beauty shines through. you will feel it!

A few weeks after your photo session you will be invited back to the studio for your image reveal. you’ll be shown 20-30 professionally retouched portraits ready for you to take home that same day if you wish to. you will pick your favourites for a folio collection box or choose which images you’d like to enlarge and hang on the wall.

The reveal session is 100% pressure free, you only buy what you love. The reveal session has its own magic. It's an experience, truly. seeing yourself in print has value. It's transformational.